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What to do when you come to Dance
  • Dancers will wait outside the studio, in their cars, until the lobby is opened. Five minutes before class starts, the instructor or instructor’s assistant will open the door and wait for the kids to line up on designated marks spaced 6’ apart. Please do not line up until the prior class is dismissed! They will then escort the students into the building. Upon entering, dancers will sanitize their hands and change their shoes. There will be baskets spaced 6’ apart for them to place their belongings. The baskets will be sanitized after every class. They will then head directly to class. Dancers should bring their own water bottle. Any water bottles left at the studio will be thrown away at the end of the night for sanitary reasons.  

  • Upon entering the classroom, dancers will be directed to stand on a colored X in a 6 x 6 grid box with their water bottle. Dancers will have a matching color dot in front of the mirror. Students will be directed one color at a time to walk to their dot to put their water bottle down then return to their square. They must stay inside their grid box to dance for the entire class. Drink breaks will be directed by the teacher and done one color at a time to ensure social distancing is maintained. 

  • At the end of their class, dancers will be dismissed while maintaining social distancing. They will be escorted out of the studio by the instructor’s assistant while the instructor disinfects the studio for the next class. The assistant will stay with the children outside the studio on designated marks spaced 6’ apart until a parent or guardian picks them up. Please pick up your dancer promptly so that we can prepare for the next class. 

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