Class Schedule

September 2022-June 2023 Class Schedule

Please click here to download the 2022-2023 class schedule.

September 2021-June 2022 Class Schedule

Certain classes are full and Wait Lists are in effect. If you are interested in the class, sign up for the Wait List! If three or more people are on the Wait List, we will open another section!

Turquoise Studio



5:30-6:15 Beginning 2 Jazz

6:15-7:00 Beginning 1 Tap

7:00-7:45 Beginning 3 Tap

7:45-8:30 Beginning 1 Contemporary



5:00-5:30 Ballet/Tap 1

5:30-6:15 Tap/Jazz 2

6:15-6:45 Creative Movement

6:45-7:30 Jazz/Acro 3

7:30-8:15 Beginning 1 Jazz



5:15-5:45 Creative Movement

5:45-6:15 Ballet/Tap 1

6:15-7:00 Ballet/Acro 2

7:00-7:45 Beginning Hip Hop



5:15-6:00 Ballet/Acro 3

6:00-6:45 Ballet/Tap 3

8:00-8:45 Adult Tap

*see following tables for information on age and minimum experience necessary to enroll*


All current students should have also received a handout listing classes we recommend they take. It is not an absolute listing. We based the schedule off what students surveyed said they planned to take next year. If a class is not offered at a particular age and level, and your student is interested in taking it, please email the studio and we will see if there is any other interest. If at least three students are interested, we will open another section.


Also, if you do not agree with a particular recommendation, please reach out and we can discuss. Sometimes there are skills that a student needs to master before moving up and sometimes I just make a mistake! So please always reach out to me if you have any question

August 2020-June 2021 Class Information

Creative Movement and Combination Classes:

Ballet Classes:

Pointe Classes:

Tap Classes:

Jazz Classes:

Acrobatics Classes:

Modern Classes:

Contemporary Classes:

Hip Hop Classes:

Peach Studio


4:45-5:15 Ballet/Acro 1

5:15-6:15 Intermediate 2 Contemporary

6:15-7:00 Beginning 3 Acrobatics

7:00-7:45 Beginning 2 Acrobatics

7:45-8:30 Advanced Acrobatics



5:00-6:00 Advanced Modern

6:00-7:15 Beginning 4 Ballet

7:15-7:45 Pre-Pointe

7:45-9:00 Intermediate Ballet



5:00-6:00 Advanced Contemporary

6:00-7:00 Beginning 3 Ballet

7:00- 9:00 Advanced 1 Ballet



4:30-5:15 Intermediate Hip Hop

5:15-6:15 Advanced Hip Hop

6:15-7:15 Advanced Jazz

7:15-9:15 Advanced 2 Ballet



5:00-5:45 Beginning 1 Ballet

5:45-6:30 Beginning 1 Acrobatics

6:30-7:15 Beginning 2 Ballet