Recital 2021 - UPDATE

Show A: Saturday, June 19th at 1:30PM

Show B: Saturday, June 19th at 4PM

*doors will open 30 minutes prior to each show *

Schaeffer Auditorium (Kutztown University)

1. Show Information – we will have two shows, Show A and Show B.

a. Show A – includes all creative movement and combo classes plus beginning 2 tap, beginning acro, and beginning jazz. Basically, all classes with students aged 9 and under. It will end with the Mother Goose Suite (includes all ballet students).

b. Show B – It will start with the Mother Goose Suite and includes all other non-ballet classes for students 10 and over.

c. Ticket orders are no longer restricted! If you have already ordered, you can place an additional order. If you place it by Wednesday May 26th, we will put your orders together, so you’ll be seated next to each other.

i. If you only ordered tickets for the Mother Goose Suite, we will automatically give you Show B tickets, unless you let us know otherwise.

ii. If you ordered tickets for two shows – i.e. two tickets for Mother Goose Suite and two tickets for Show B, we will combine your orders and give you four tickets for Show B, unless you let us know otherwise.

d. Masks are still required to be worn by everyone entering the Kutztown University campus.

2. Dress Rehearsal – Saturday June 19th at 9AM

a. Show A (including Mother Goose Suite) will report at 8:30AM.

b. Show B (those not in Mother Goose Suite) will report at 10:30AM.

c. *We will be running dress rehearsals of Show A and B right after each other since the Mother Goose Suite will end Show A and start Show B. This means that we will run the non-ballet classes of Show A, then the mini-ballet, and then right after that, the non-ballet classes of Show B. The mini-ballet will block and then have one run-through at the end of Show A.

d. You will enter through the front lobby doors and follow the signs down to the dressing rooms to drop off your child.

e. If your child is 8 or under, please arrive with them dressed in their costume with their hair and makeup done. Dress rehearsal will start promptly at 9AM so everyone needs to be ready at least 10 minutes before that so we can line everyone up.

f. If your child is just in Show A and not in the mini-ballet, you will be able to pick them up from the dressing room after their dress rehearsal is finished at approximately 10AM.


a. It is traditional to give dancers, or any performer, flowers after a performance. To help, roses will be available to purchase at the door.

b. We are also selling advertisements for our program. Please submit the ad ASAP if interested!

c. We now need volunteers to be backstage with the creative movement and combo kids! If you are interested and have your clearances, please email me. We reserve the front row, on the side, for all volunteers to sneak into the auditorium before their child’s dance. You will need to be there for dress rehearsal AND the recital.

d. Don’t wear underwear under your costumes!

e. Hair must follow the guidelines set out by your teachers. In general, however, hair must be pulled back and secured in such a way that it doesn’t fall out (buns, ponytails, or braid depending on the class).

f. Make sure you follow the handouts for information on how to apply stage makeup. With the masks, it is HIGHLY important that you make your eyes looks as LARGE as possible. Otherwise, under the stage lights, you will have no face.

g. Make sure before leaving home the day of the recital that you have ALL your pieces and know what to do with them!


I know this is a lot of information!! If you have any questions, please reach out and ask! It’ll be a fun and exciting day and I can’t wait to see all of you in your costumes up on that stage!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will you livestream the recital?
    - No. We will not be livestreaming. Since there are now no capacity restrictions, our focus is going to be on putting on the  best live show we can. It does not make sense financially, or time/energy-wise, to split our focus to a live-stream. 


2. Will we be filming the recital?
    - Yes. Lesher's Videography will be filming the recitals. DVDs will be available for purchase at the door the day of the show.


3. Can parents stay during dress rehearsal?
    - Yes. Parents can wait in the auditorium during dress rehearsal. Just remember, we will be running dress rehearsal exactly like we will be running the show. That means the house lights will be down and we request no flash photography because it distracts the dancers (especially little ones).


4. Can my child stay between dress rehearsal and the recital?
    - Yes and no. Yes, they can stay, but there will be NO SUPERVISION and we will need that permission slip back that says they can leave the dressing rooms without you. 


5. I'm still worried about sitting right next to someone I don't know. How will we be filling seats?
    - We will be seating families two seats apart. So you won't be seated directly next to someone you don't know.


6. Will we be selling tickets at the door?
    - We will be selling LIMITED tickets at the door. If you really need an extra ticket, we will have some there, however we will NOT have a table set up and are discouraging door sales. Even though capacity restrictions are lifted, we are still going to be discouraging crowds. So when the doors open, we request that you don't head in until you are ready to sit down. That way, we avoid a huge crowd in the lobby. So make sure you pre-order!!


7. I want to volunteer. Will I be able to watch my dancer?
    - Yes. If you volunteer to be an usher, you will get one free ticket for yourself and will be able to sit down once the show starts and the doors close. If you are backstage, you will be able to sneak in through the front auditorium doors before your child dances. You won't need a ticket in that case. Please mark your ticket sheets if you are volunteering!


8. I'm still confused about drop-off and pick up times. Can you clarify?
    - For dress rehearsal, if you are in:

Show A but NOT the mini-ballet: Drop-off at 8:30AM / Pick-up at 10AM
Show A and the mini-ballet (and the mini-ballet but no other routines in Show B): Drop-off at 8:30AM / Pick-up at 10:45AM

Show B but NOT the mini-ballet: Drop-off at 10:30AM / Pick-up at 12PM
Show B and the mini-ballet: Drop-off at 8:30AM / Pick-up at 12PM

For recital, if you are in:

Show A: Drop-off at 1PM / Show is at 1:30PM / Pick-up at 3PM
Show B: Drop-off at 3:30PM / Show is at 4PM / Pick-up at 6PM

We will be handing out Silver Toe Shoe Awards and recognizing Seniors at the end of Show B.

Unless you hand in the permission slip that says your dancer can leave the dressing rooms without you, you will drop them off and pick them up at the dressing rooms (there will be a check in/check out station). There will be signs from the front lobby doors down to the dressing rooms so you know where to go.