Our spring recital is currently scheduled to be held at Schaeffer Auditorium on the Kutztown University Campus on Saturday June 19th and Sunday June 20th.

Our recital will also include the Mini Ballet, The Mother Goose Suite. The cast list is available here!

Recital 2021 Information


We are so excited to be planning our Spring Recital! I know there is still a lot of uncertainty, and all the information in this handout is subject to change as we get closer to June, however we are hoping for the best!! And that is a full show at Schaeffer Auditorium!!


Currently, we are planning on having two shows. If all restrictions are lifted by June, everyone will be in both shows (you will perform twice). If not, we will split the classes, and everyone will only perform in one show (we also have plans in place if we cannot perform in an auditorium). The Mother Goose Suite (the mini-ballet) will still be in both shows.


- Recital –

  • Show A: Saturday June 19th at 4:30PM

  • Show B: Sunday June 20th at 2PM

  • Both shows are at Schaeffer Auditorium (Kutztown University)


- Dress Rehearsal –

  • Show A: Friday June 18th at 6PM

  • Show B: Saturday June 19th at 10AM

  • Both rehearsals are at Schaeffer Auditorium (Kutztown University)  If restrictions are lifted and everyone is in both shows, the shows will be the same and we will only have ONE dress rehearsal on Saturday the 19th at 10AM.

Note: For now, please block off the entire weekend. Obviously, I have no idea what will happen between now and June. If you do have a conflict with any of these times, please let me know and I will do my best to work around it. Thanks!!


Other Miscellaneous Recital Information:

1. The Mother Goose Suite – As many of you already know, we are doing a mini-ballet this year. For every student who takes ballet, this is IN PLACE of a separate routine in the recital. Instead, ballet students will participate in The Mother Goose Suite, a 30-minute story ballet that will be performed at the beginning of the recital. Ballet students will learn their parts during their normal ballet class. Starting in April, weekend rehearsals will be required to put the ballet together. The rehearsals will be tentatively held on Sunday afternoons from 1-3PM. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be posted as we get closer to April and know where we’re at with COVID restrictions. If we still have capacity restrictions in place, we will make other arrangements.

a. There are a couple of different reasons why we do a mini-ballet every other year:

i. First, it gives the students a chance to bond with each other and see what they can look forward to as they progress in their levels.

ii. Second, it teaches ballet students how to perform in a traditional ballet.

iii. Third, it is a lot of fun with special costumes, scenery, and effects!


2. Finale – To tie the show together, there will be a finale at the end that EVERYONE will be required to participate in (assuming no COVID restrictions!). It is nothing complicated, simply everyone walks out on stage and takes a bow. We will practice the walk-on at the end of dress rehearsal, so make sure you do not leave before dress rehearsal is over.


3. Picture Week – Steve Pestrock will be at the studio during your child’s class time to take pictures the week of May 10th – May 14th. That week, during class you will get your picture taken. Even if you do not plan on buying pictures, please have your hair up, wear tights and be prepared to have your picture taken since he will also be taking group pictures and we want every single student in the photo! Costumes will be handed out that week to take home.


i. The Saturday Ballet/Acro class will come in on Tuesday May 11th at 6PM to get pictures taken.

ii. The Saturday Ballet/Tap class will come in on Tuesday May 11th at 6:30PM to get pictures taken.


i. This year, we are doing a group picture of all competition members that will be then be displayed with the trophies in the waiting room. The picture will be taken on Tuesday May 11th at 7PM. Please wear black leggings and your competition team jacket with your hair up in a bun. If you would like to purchase individual pictures in your competition costumes, you can do that after the group photo or with your other class photos.


4. Backstage parents – Closer to the recital, we will have sign-up sheets for parents to volunteer for various jobs. While it is not required to volunteer, it is strongly encouraged! Aside from the fun we have, it is a wonderful chance to get to know your fellow parents and to see exactly what goes on backstage during a show. We will need help in a variety of ways from ushers and ticket sellers (front-of-house volunteers) to help backstage. All combo classes, creative movement classes, and all the beginning classes will require one adult per class to supervise. Each volunteer will receive one free ticket to the show. Front seats in the auditorium will be reserved so volunteer parents can watch their children’s routines.


5. Costumes – Costumes are beginning to come in and as they do, we will need parents to volunteer to steam. If you would like to help, please email the studio and we will schedule a time. With COVID, only one person will be able to steam at a time, so we’ll need to work out a schedule this year.


*More detailed information will be sent out in the Recital Handbook closer to the show-date.


*Please be patient with us since this is all subject to change. We are hopeful that we will be able to have a somewhat normal show this year, however our first priority is always the health and safety of the KDC community!

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