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Competition Team

Come join the kdc Papillons!

Kutztown Dance Center’s “Papillons” (butterflies) attends local competitions March through April and competes in small groups, trios, duos, and solos.


To participate, students must be at least 7 years old as of September 1st and must have taken a year of the style they wish to compete in AND be concurrently taking that style. There will also be a mandatory dress rehearsal the Sunday before the first competition (most likely the first Sunday in March).


Rehearsal Fees:


Rehearsal fees follow the normal class tuition schedule based on length of rehearsal per week

(most rehearsals will be Friday nights and Saturday mornings).


  • Solos are 30 minutes and are considered private lessons ($120/month).

  • Duos are 30 minutes and are considered semi-privates ($60/month).

  • Trios are 45 minutes ($52/month).

  • Small groups are 45 minutes ($52/month).

  • *Semi-privates and private lessons are not eligible for discounts.

  • *All competitors will be required to be in a group routine. If you are JUST in the group, you will only pay the $52/month for the rehearsal fee. If you are also in a solo, the cost for the group is waived.


Costume Fees:


Costume rental fees are $50, due in September. If you are doing a solo, this cost is waived. Please keep in mind that if we do not have an appropriate costume and a new one must be ordered, you do not get to keep it unless you pay the full price of the costume. Only the costume rental is included, not the actual costume.


Competition Entrance Fees:


Competition entrance fees will be broken into three installments (this includes three competitions March-April).


Solo Competition 1st Deposit - due October 5th - $115

Solo Competition 2nd Deposit - due December 5th - $115

Solo Competition Balance - due March 5th - $115


Duo/Trio Competition 1st Deposit - due October 5th - $58

Duo/Trio Competition 2nd Deposit - due December 5th - $58

Duo/Trio Competition Balance - due March 5th - $58


Group Competition 1st Deposit - due October 5th - $33

Group Competition 2nd Deposit - due December 5th - $33

Group Competition Balance - due March 5th - $33

Rehearsal Requirements:


Being on the competition team is a COMMITMENT. It is a higher level performance group that competes against the best students of the best studios in the area. Because of this, we expect you to be at most if not all your weekly rehearsals. We understand that this is not always possible, so we have built in a couple of “reschedules.” This means, if you cannot make a rehearsal, you have the option to reschedule it. That being said:


  • Only 2 reschedules per person are allowed per year. You MUST give AT LEAST 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule.

  • If you miss anymore than 2, and want additional rehearsal time, you will need to pay the going rate for private/semi-private lessons.

  • We cannot reschedule groups since it’s too many people to coordinate.

  • Keep in mind, if you miss practice consistently, and are not ready for the competition, we reserve the right to pull you from said competition. We will not penalize you for missing your rehearsals, however, it is up to you to make sure you are performance ready.


Class Requirements:


Due to the Papillons being a higher level performance group that competes against other dancers at other studios (who are all taking as many classes a week as they can), you must be concurrently taking the following classes:


  • 7-10 year olds – 2 classes a week and one of them must be ballet.

  • 11+ year olds – 3 classes a week and one must be ballet and the other turns and leaps.

  • To compete in a specific style, you must also be taking that style (i.e. if you are competing in contemporary, you will need to be taking contemporary).

  • Remember, just like in anything else, the more you practice, the more you improve. If you want to do better, you need to take more classes! These are MINIMUM requirements. It is recommended you take MORE than the minimum.


The type of routine (solo/duo/trio/group) and the style of routine (ballet/contemporary/hip hop/etc) will be determined by the competition director. You may request a choreographer if you have a preference (we reserve the right to change the choreographer).


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